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Periodic Checks

Between services, we encourage you to visit TWG for an annual audit. Your car is as individual as you are and every driver has a different driving style. An annual inspection can be tailored to your needs and can relate to the levels of wear on your brakes, clutch and tires, for example, as fluid levels and the latest software updates.

The seasonal checks performed on your car will ensure your enjoyment is maintained for 365 days a year. Using a checklist defined specifically tailored to the needs of the coming months to comply, we will give your Porsche a thorough check to perfectly prepare for the coming season – all performed to the highest standards and according to your individual needs.

Spring Check

Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer. Now it’s time for the Spring Check your car to give a clean bill of health after the severe winter. Seasonal Checks In all, we must first check the underlying features and condition of the engine, chassis and underbody, as well as the exterior and interior equipment and lighting. And the warmer months so you can fully enjoy, we can save the roof of your convertible and treat your Porsche to a complete wash.

Winter Check

Our Winter Check is designed to ensure that your Porsche is fully prepared for the colder months of the year. Based on our checklist described, we will carefully monitor the vehicle and be fully prepared to withstand storms. If you prefer, we can replace the roof of your convertible Porsche and give you a thorough cleaning – for relentless driving pleasure whatever the weather.