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Buying Tips

The list bellow is a basic checklist that we use to buy our vehicles :

Please note this is a guide! Mark has over 20 Years experience in

buying Porsche’s therefore the EYE is in the beholder!

Every vehicle is different call Mark for any advice before you buy

your beloved one.

Twg Porsche Checklist Glasses on!

Panel close check

MOT Style Route and eye up panel damage.

Panel colour check

Panel gap check

Paint depth check and filler presence

Stone chips front and rear

Full check over each wheel and tyre and discs and pads

Wheel align

Lift panels and rubbers check overspray and bolts carpets etc

Interior check all trim inc rear and roof lining scuffs etc

A/C operation and all electrics

Plug in diagnostics and rev check

Drive Long

Radiators and A/C condensers for leaks


Suspension noises over manholes

Even braking and Thrust axis deviation

Engine Gearbox check

Oil quality check on dipstick or filler tube

Backpressure temp hot

Deceleration smoke

Temp cold coolant leaks and

Coolant tank quality

Exhaust colour and condition

996/997 Engine Coolant Pressure check after 5 Min Run

Oil leaks and smell after long run

Noises cold and hot

Ignition coil check

Control unit water ingress

RMS check

IMS bearing oil filter contamination check


Clutch heavy? slip or smell

Diff noises and gear selection quality


All numbers on car compare check hidden chassis numbers

Check every service stamp mileage and date and bills for authenticity

last service bill comments

Mot address check and comments

V5 owners and import? Last owner?

Check Porsche Repair database and Parts supplied by chassis no

Sale confirmed check :-

Owner address check proof of address on bills and V5

HPI Conformation

Bank details